Friday, January 16, 2009

Conversations with myself...

I saw a spectacular movie last night that I'd never heard of but popped out at me on my Netflix homepage. Conversations with other Women is a look at how two individuals deal with their past and how it affects their respective future. It stars the lovely Helena Bonham Carter and the amazing Aaron Eckhart (I am more and more impressed by him). It's shot split-screen which is sort of distracting at first but once you get accustomed, it adds that much more depth to the film.

It seems we are always drawn to movies that depict our current mood and specific take on life at the moment. When I was happily dating my ex-boyfriend, I never watched romantic comedies or even heartbreaking love stories such as this one. I felt it was an insult to watch any movie that stereotyped relationships as meet-fall in love-obstacle-man or woman realizes they love the other protagonist-happy ending. I also felt no need to watch the sad love films because I naively thought that love could conquer all and that any anguish or longing felt in a relationship was unnecessary. If you love each other, that's it, be happy.

After getting my heart broken, I now see how refreshing-although still unrealistic-a romantic comedy can be. The notion that there is a man out there who would fight for our love-it's almost encouraging. A movie like Conversations with other Women highlights the fact that love is most certainly not enough. I am convinced that I am destined to be one of those women who doesn't meet her other half-if you will-in her youth. I have this feeling that I'll be a wise and mature 40 year old bride. A couple of years ago, that would have terrified and depressed me. Now, it is sort of comforting and it makes me feel better about the reckless, youthful mistakes I have made and will undoubtedly continue to make.

Oh by the way, in the film, the gorgeous Nora Zehetner plays a young Helena Bonham Carter. I absolutely adore her little face.


The Cherry Blog said...

This is a really sweet and honest post, and you make me wanna go out and rent the film! Im sure we all think we have found love and that it will last, but it is about the journey and yes - lots of mistakes. Nice to read your thoughts,

Nicki xxx

Micaela said...

I lalaLOVED this movie as well. I had never seen anything like this, the split screen and it intrigued me so much, i went back and watched some of the director's remarks. Helena is stunning and such a unconventional beauty and i agreeed with what you said about Eckhart and isn't the young Helena just gorgeous?!!? i'm thankful you gave her name. Such a fabulous movie for all the points you touched on. I couldn't have said it better myself. You're right about love sometimes not being enough... I'm at a similar point in my life. I love coming across posts that fits in perfect spot in my heart with how i'm feeling and this is def. one of those. Thank-you for sharing and allowing me to leave this little novella. I'm glad I found your page thru Rockstar Diaries! xo

east side bride said...

hmmm. I f'ing hated this movie. though I must admit I didn't get through the whole thing b/c I found the split screen so infuriating.

but i'm definitely at a different place in my life now. (and i didn't get married until i was 35. so glad i waited.)