Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Nuptials-The Tenacious Dee way...

When I turned 25, I knew there would be some inevitable events such as a mini-meltdown, otherwise known as the quarter-life crisis, the itch to do something epic before I turn 30 hence my applying to join the Peace Corps and of course the inundation of my mailbox with save-the-dates and wedding invitations. Everyone around me seems to be getting hitched! Don't get me wrong I'm super happy for all my schoolmates, co-workers, fellow bloggers, friends, etc. who are tying the knot, I'm just surprised at how it all happens at once.

One of my favorite pals, the beautiful Mallory, seen in the image below with the mustard top, is going to be her best friend's maid-of-honor in October and she is pretty much planning the entire thing. Mal is so creative and super organized so it only makes sense to have her as your wedding consultant.

Mal is also super detail-oriented and after spending some time with her and the future bride I deduced that this wedding is going to kick ass! As a joke, I told Mal that I was gonna pick up a stranger on the train and ask him to marry me just so she could plan an equally kick-ass wedding for me. Yesterday morning I received an e-mail from her and she included her plans for a wedding that she thinks would suit me well. Hilarious! The best part is that I would totally dig all of this at any event of mine, it truly fits my personality.

A lot of these are Chicago inside jokes such as the hot dog and corn (Mexican elote) as food, the dress being a Chicago Bulls jersey and the budget being a Jewel (one of our prominent supermarkets) preferred card.

Friday, February 20, 2009


Did you like the image I included in my last post of the lovesick tomatoes? Well, there are more adorable images from whence that one came. Flickr user JooJoo has an entire set of "Mini sculptures" and they are adorable! It includes three of my favorite things, photography+anything miniature+animals/food. Check out the entire set!

{Images via JooJoo via flickr}

I'm a bad blogger

I'm so sorry that I've been M.I.A. these last couple of days. School, work and an internship have kept me super-duper busy. I miss blogging regularly and will resume as soon as things die down.

P.S. I've started my application to join the Peace Corps when I graduate in 2010....eek!

{Image via JooJoo via flickr}

Friday, February 6, 2009

R.I.P. Lux Interior...

Lux Interior died Wednesday from a pre-existing heart condition. He was 60 years old. I'm so saddened by these news, he and Poison Ivy are two of my most favorite musicians. I can't recall how many times I've popped in a Cramps cd to get ready to go out on a weekend night, they are the one band that can get me pumped enough to go out even when I've resigned myself to a night of take-out and a movie. The Cramps are also the perfect soundtrack to an extra long road trip or even just a commute downtown.

My ex and I had planned a trip to Vegas to see The Cramps a couple of years ago but the trip never came to fruition. My ex had seen them live once but I never had the chance. Damn him, now not only can he dangle my broken heart in front of me, he can now rub in my face the fact that he saw Lux Interior live and I'll never get a chance.

Do any of you have any stories that involve listening to The Cramps? Let's reminisce and agree that America has just lost a great, great man.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Damn these brown eyes of mine...

So, this weekend my sister was in town from Seattle. We had a wonderful time and although we did manage to do some fun things such as drink at familiar bars, go bowling and go to a concert, we somehow ended up getting take-out and watching Gilmore Girls non-stop. I forgot how much I love that show and how much I miss it. I also forgot just how gorgeous Alexis Bledel is. It is a sin to have such beautiful eyes. I also forgot how much I relate to her character, Rory. The sweet, nice girl that nobody expects to do "bad" things such as dump the nice boy for the James Dean-rebel type or to sleep with her married ex-boyfriend. This post is for all the girls out there who can also relate to Rory, remember that life is too short to always make the sweet, nice girl choices. Sometimes, we have to live a little even if it means doing something out of character.