Monday, June 15, 2009

Currently looking forward to...

I've been neglecting my beloved blog and I hate doing that. Fortunately, it's because I've been busy living life to the fullest and having a grand ole' time. Here are a few things that I'm looking forward to in the very near future:

1. Going to the gym. If you knew me you'd know that is very out of character for me to say but lately I've been thoroughly enjoying my workout sessions.

2. Seeing my sister. I'm going to Seattle to visit my little peanut next week and I couldn't be more psyched.

3. Finally, some summer weather in the Chi. This was a brutal winter and considering it's already mid-June, today is the first day we've reached 80 degrees.

4. Riding my bike. My little "Malibu Hopper" (photos of her will be posted soon) is all fixed up thanks to my darling friend who surprised me by adding fenders and fixing up her handlebars.

5. Assisting in the preparing of some delicious veggie dishes. I'm no cook, in fact I'm a terrible one. I have a wonderful friend (see #4) who doesn't let me use my inexperience as a cop-out and makes me help him out when he cooks. Currently we are on a vegetarian kick and boy have we made some good grub.

I promise to be a better blogger and to take many more pictures. I haven't been taking pictures lately and that makes me very sad.

{photo by Mr. Puggle on Flickr}


Thao said...

Yay for goals! That all sounds great, and I too am looking forward to good weather. We just have to get through this last week of rain, right? Can't wait to see your photos. :)

Lu. Lu. said...

I look forward to the pictures and bloggin updates as well.
I need to go to the gym. ugh. and I do not look forward to working out ever. but I do feel so much better after a good workout. :) goodluck with all of the plans