Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas Pictures

So do you guys make Christmas cards? I've never in my life sent out a Christmas card so the bf and I decided to make one because his family is in Michigan and he doesn't get to see them too often. A nice way to send them our love.

Now, I know why I've never done a Christmas card before--it is a nightmare. Taking the pictures was a project in itself since we had to use a self-timer. Of course we're not big picture people-I prefer being behind the camera-and so we felt so awkward posing. Of course I'm no photographer so the editing process was the blind leading the blind. Off to Walgreens to print them because of my meager waitress salary. Walgreens prints come out so saturated--they looked hideous so off to edit them once again and make them as washed out as possible so they'd come out halfway decent. So, I finally decided to just print out a few since the quality was so terrible and they're being sent to family members who don't really notice things like terrible photo quality and awkward posing (ie., his grandma)
This is the final product. What do you think?


Anonymous said...

AWESOME!!!! I love the super saturated colors!!!!!

jamie said...

those christmas pictures are adorable!

Lu. Lu. said...

I want his sweater! loves it