Saturday, August 14, 2010

4 simple goals (before 2011)

I was inspired by Elsie's post on making 4 simple goals and blogging about them so you are more encouraged to accomplish them. Here are mine:

1. Finish up our apartment- I moved in with the beau in April and our apt still looks like I moved in last week. The kitchen, bathroom and laundry area are complete but the living/dining room area looks like hurricane Dee passed through-more like hurricane Dee's wardrobe-there are clothes everywhere. I need to take an entire day and sort through clothes, stuff them in our little closet and then our home will look like a home again.

2. Start my new exercise routine- I'm usually pretty good about this, I actually enjoy exercising but this summer has been nuts and I've pushed health and fitness to the side. Well, no more! I need to start moving, shaking, doing something physical as soon as possible.

3. Play my guitar more often- I'm in the process of learning to play guitar from the beau and he's very patient with me but I don't practice nearly as much as I should. As soon as I get better, he wants us to start writing music together. I would love to do that, so I need to get my act together.

4. Draw more. I'm no artist but I enjoy drawing simply for the therapeutic and creative aspect. I don't draw masterpieces but when I finish drawing something that resembles any shape, it feels amazing.

Do you have any simple goals that you'd like to share? I'll try to share the progress with the ones I mentioned. xo

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