Friday, August 22, 2008

The fake one...

I'm always drawn to the relationship articles featured in MSN; some are simple and charming but mostly they're so generic it's amusing. Yesterday I read an article written by an actor, Gabriel on his view about dating women who had plastic surgery and why they weren't his preference.

After I finished reading the article, I felt perturbed and I didn't know why. I've always thought that while I'm not particularly drawn to it, women have a right to nip and tuck whatever they see fit. Your body=your choice. Of course, some women do it for the wrong reasons or worse yet, overdo it, still it is to each her own.

Gabriel's point of view wasn't necessarily awful or anti-women; his depiction of these women he had dated who had decided on plastic surgery just seemed unfair. He was angry with a woman he had dated for a couple of months for not telling him she had gotten a nose job years before, Really Gabriel? I remember reading another article geared towards women encouraging them to keep the mystique in their relationships by not letting their boyfriends see them waxing their upper lip or bleaching their teeth. So we shouldn't let them see our routine whitening or hair removal, but rhinoplasty should be disclosed up front? Does that seem right?

Gabriel concluded his article by speaking of one of his great loves being a woman who was "the real deal" as he put it because she'd never nipped or tucked, but even that relationship fell apart due to long distance. Of course when describing her, he said she was pretty, lean and fit. Perhaps Gabriel wasn't repelled to the plastic surgery prone women because he thought it indicated low self-esteem or poor judgement, perhaps he was just scared that the woman was "ugly" underneath all the surgery and he didn't want to be caught dead with an "ugly" woman.

Perhaps I'm just overthinking this whole deal and should lay off the poor guy. What do you all think? Read it and tell me what you think.

UPDATE: If you have a hotmail account, this article is featured when you sign in to check your e-mail.

(photos via BidWiya and beautifulself via flickr)


Jessie Cacciola said...

i love that you call generic 'amusing.' ;)
p.s. thanks for your kind words, darlin'

allison said...

It's one thing to tell a woman you're dating that she doesn't need plastic surgery, but it's another to JUDGE her for having it, in the past or future. That guy sounds like such a dick.