Monday, November 10, 2008

Hairspiration {That's right I mash words together}

My hair is currently really short. It looks close to the top picture of Aggy, although mine is still shorter than that. Lately, as much as I try to deny it, I've been getting the bug to grow said hair out.

Of course, not only will that take FOREVER, I'll also have to deal with the inevitable "awkward stage." The bottom Aggy picture looks like a cut that would help ease me through that stage. What do you guys think?

After all, if I grow my hair out and hate it, I can always chop it right off!

(I'm sorry I forgot where I got the images from, they've been bookmarked for a while now)


porter hovey said...

She's totally one of my favorite models. I'm going through the same thoughts with my hair too!! Awwww .... it never ends!!!

Brandi said...

yeah I want to cut my hair too...but i think i still need some framing my face. people tell me short hair would suit me...but then i get really scared because i have random skin issues and if i have short hair i want my face to be perfect. aghh!!! bangs are always a must though. i wish you didn't live in chicago.

naomi megan. said...

hey girl,

thanks for the sweet comments, and of course my dad's still a cubs fan {family is from chicago originally, you know...}

this hair is hot. wish i could pull off the short cuts.

have a lovely rest of your day,