Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I'm toast...

So a couple of weeks ago, I decided to christen my forearm with some permanent ink. I chose the above little happy toast that my friend Kevin drew (long story). I was inspired by Paige's post, about tats on celebrities and what her readers have, to share mine with you.

Yesterday, I was checking NBC for deleted scenes of The Office and lo and behold, I found the above scene complete with....a cartoon toast! I think my tattoo has started a phenomenon.

(video via NBC)

1 comment:

allie tomkie said...

love the tattoo.

everythings going well with me. Excited about the christmas season starting up

Sad though i don't take the Cicero bus anymore. I found a more dependable way of getting to work, i take the blue line to jefferson pk and then foster down.

hope all is well w/you