Friday, April 3, 2009

Get your nerd on...

It's always nice to see other proud "nerds" especially ones as cool and creative and of course gorgeous as Kate Miss. She brought to my attention some very neat vintage science and tech ads that blew my socks off. Check them out!

Again, I am a proud nerd but it is sometimes hard when on a phone call with my sister I mention my excitement over Battlestar Galactica being on Hulu now or how my recent squeeze and I are putting some serious thought over which movie theater we will choose to watch the new Star Trek movie and she just laughs and I imagine there is some eye-rolling involved.

It was recently that a friend of mine made this statement after I did his taxes, "It is the nerds that rule the world, the cool kids become janitors." Very profound I know. But I do hope it holds some truth, at least the first part.

Also make sure you check out Kate's blog if you haven't yet, or her weekend stint over at Truant Magazine.

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