Friday, February 19, 2010

Derek's uniform

I thought I'd share the boyfriend's uniform with you all. AA tri blend track shirt (just like me, except he wears the crew neck) and good ole' Levi's. Aren't boys in Levi's just so darn adorable?

Here's a funny story. I was telling my boyfriend how much I like the "boyfriend jeans" trend because they are so comfy. So he says, here try my jeans on (actual boyfriend jeans--not women's boyfriend jeans) and guess what? They fit like a glove, as in borderline too tight. That is not the look I'm going for. So I told him I need a boyfriend who wears bigger jeans. Of course, he could have responded with, I need a girlfriend with smaller hips and thighs, but he didn't. He's a nice boy.

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