Sunday, September 28, 2008

Summer rewind...

When I first started this blog, my sister had just announced that she was moving to the pacific northwest--Portland to be exact. It broke my heart but I was excited about visiting and doing many outdoor-sy things I'm not exposed to in the good ole Windy City. Of course, two weeks before she moved she changed her mind and decided to move to Seattle instead. Being the devoted and supportive sister that I am, I took a week off and helped her move and find an apartment and boy am I glad I did. Seattle is AMAZING! It's such a cultured and laid back place, I couldn't help but smile at everyone I saw. We didn't get to do much sight-seeing due to our task at hand but we did go to some incredible spots, case in point Bop Street Records.

Bop Street Records is probably the best record store in the western hemisphere, just ask Jarvis Cocker. I've never seen so many records in my life, it's like I died and woke up in Elton John's music collection. But the best part of the place? The owner, Dave Vorhees. Not only did he make us feel at home as soon as we walked in, he also had some fascinating stories that I was soaking up like a sponge. He shared with us a special project that he was a part of and I had to buy these postcards to share with you. That's right, this blog is now your source for subtle nudity. Aren't those postcards the kookiest you've ever seen? I loved them and I knew I had to have them.

Dave is even in one of the pictures but I didn't point him out in case any of you ever go to Bop Street and meet him. It might be a little awkward to see him naked before having a conversation with the man.


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