Saturday, October 3, 2009

Chris in the Morning and the gang...

Remember that Northern Exposure themed post I promised? Here it is:

So, early June bf and I were in Seattle to visit Sis (mine). While there, we decided to rent a car and head up to Roslyn, WA. Why Roslyn, you ask? Well, Roslyn happens to be the little town chosen to depict Cicely, Alaska in only the greatest show in the world...Northern Exposure! Now keep in mind, the show's been off the air for a decade so we didn't know what to expect.

{The view we got to enjoy on our hour long drive-gorgeous!}

Lo and behold, the town looks almost exactly as it did on the show! We found many of the famous landmarks and couldn't contain our excitement!

{Cafe Cicely-can you believe it?!}

{Sis was giggling the entire time}

{Handsome bf trying to hide his excitement}

{I failed miserably at trying to be coy}

We decided to go to the Brick for a bite to eat and I half expected to see Holling tending bar and Shelly waiting tables. Alas, we were not so lucky but we did manage to garner a few funny looks from the locals who were confused at how much younger we were compared to the usual NE fanbase.

Roslyn is an awesome town, not only do they have this rich Hollywood past, they also brew some delicious beer. What a jem, so glad we had a chance to make our way up there.

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