Friday, October 16, 2009


I am an avid fan of synchronicity. For instance, Sunday afternoon I was sitting in bed reading a book on digital photography and listening to NPR when all of a sudden All Things Considered came on and the most fascinating interview took place cameras!

Mark Levoy, a computer science professor and his team have developed a camera prototype called the frankencamera that will function similar to an iPhone, in the sense that you can customize it by adding different applications or programs. Except the operating system this camera would use is Linux (the hacker's choice as Levoy called it--awesome) making the possibilities endless.

There is much more to this camera that is pretty incredible but I'm not a very technical person so I'll let you read the article on NPR's website. Very interesting stuff which could change digital photography as we know it.
{This is Levoy, holding his baby}

{Look at this big clunker!}

I hope to see this in production soon.

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Lauren K said...

So right there with you, love synchronicity in my life...or other's lives for that matter!