Sunday, November 29, 2009

Amoeba Swimwear

I had the wonderful opportunity to take a beginner sewing class and boy did I have a blast. My finished projects didn't come out so great but I gave it a solid effort and most importantly, I realized I like sewing and it is something I will further pursue.

I really lucked out because my teacher, Amy was amazing. She was really patient and thorough with her explanations. She wasn't fazed by my constant mistakes and terribly-slow pace.

Below I have included some images from her swimwear line, Amoeba Swimwear. She's really talented! If you're looking for a swim suit that is unique and amazing look no further than Amy's creations. I really need to get in better shape so I can rock that first one. Chicago's winters are pretty brutal so I have plenty of time.

By the way, Amy handcrafts and screen prints these puppies herself! Isn't she great? xo

{All images from here}


Anonymous said...

I saw the suits! I love that the designs accomodate all shapes ( especially the boy pant) . Definitely unique and artful designs.

Dennise said...

Yes! I agree. They're some of the coolest swimsuits I've seen. xo

Lu. Lu. said...

These are super nice, I would love to see what you did in the class!
good luck with your future sewing!