Wednesday, November 11, 2009

An evening with Garrison Keillor...

Monday evening was simply an amazing one. The bf and I headed to the Auditorium Theater dressed to the nines (well, not really but I was wearing a dress and he put on cologne and product in his hair) to see Garrison Keillor of A Prairie Home Companion fame and oh so much more. The man is amazing to say the least. For a glorious hour and a half, the man sang, recited poetry and had the entire audience in stitches with stories of his Minnesota hometown of his family and he even spoke of his recent stroke and somehow made it sound like a comical situation (I'm sure it was not).
{This is Keillor at a college campus somewhere--he also wore those red socks and sneakers on Monday night}

{A picture of the Auditorium Theater in Chicago--taken with my phone}

After seeing this, I've decided to make the journey over to Minnesota to see A Prairie Home Companion live. If you don't already, tune into NPR to listen to him, it's worth your while, I guarantee it. xo

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Abby said...

Funny about A Prairie Home Companion -- I love the show, always always enjoy it whenever I listen, yet almost always forget to tune in. My inaction makes no sense.