Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween at a German bar...

I was scheduled to work Saturday night but I didn't let that stop me from joining in the Halloween fun. All of us at work decided to go with a theme and we chose The Flinstones. Heather (Wilma) and I (Betty) made the bartender's costume (Fred). We are not crafty girls but somehow we pulled it off, he got so many compliments on it and we were pleased.

After work, I dragged Wilma and Pebbles with me to a party I go to every year and we had so much fun which of course rendered me useless all day Sunday. Hope all of you had an equally wonderful time. Here are some images of the night:
{I was sort of a modern version of Betty as I refused to wear a wig and couldn't take off my red glasses}
{As you can see, we made a lot of mistakes on Fred's costume but I think he pulled it off well}
{Oh those prehistoric males--not much has changed. Hee hee}

{This man was brave enough to don some lederhosen--his gf was pleased}
{One of the waitresses daughters--isn't she cute? She was wearing fake eyelashes with red glitter. Adorable}
{This man was sitting in one of my tables and the first thing he did when he walked in was show me his shirt}{The guy on the left was supposed to be Danzig but I thought he was Robert Smith and he was pretty peeved}

{I thought they were such a cute little pair}
{He was wearing some creepy make-up}
{I'm not sure where he got the uniform}
{Creepy make-up part two}
{My friend Kevin dressed up as a grunger he stayed in character all night--it was great}
{My friend Mallory made a costume out of newspaper--it reminded me of something out of Project Runway}

{Ninjas--of course}

{My friends James and Angie--the wonderful host and hostess of this great party}

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