Thursday, July 14, 2011

etsy picks of the week....

1. Starting a collection of these ASAP.
2. Love this shirt, beautiful details.       
3. Shoe clips? Yes, please.                 
 4. When my sister was in town, she taught me that a silk tank and a mini skirt is this summer's uniform.    
5. Good way to use vintage pyrex? As pendant lights, of course!                                                           
6. I love anything miniature and sad Mona and her record collection is adorable!                                    

7. Someday I will own a chesterfield sofa. (The listing for this disappeared, I apologize)     
8. Triangle earrings made out of recycled vinyl records, I hope it wasn't a good record.      
9. Even though this lace dress is very modest, there's something very sexy about it.            

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