Wednesday, July 9, 2008

On a lighter note...

I just purchased this cute little number from Anthropologie. I can't wait to frolic in the beaches of Portland with my sister in my new cutie!


allison said...

hey, i'm living in portland for the month of september! we should totally hang out (in a non-awkward context...i swear!) i need to make friends while i'm there, especially ones with good taste in clothes.

we need to make sure we don't both wear that romper, though, i think people would stare!

oh, and the suit? daaaarling!


Dennise said...

Yay! I agree! I'm coming to visit my sister in September actually to help her get settled! We can frolic through the beaches together and visit Frances May together as well!

allison said...

psst i studied PR for awhile when i was in college. i only wanted to do non-profit work too, since i felt wretched about otherwise having to hype up some probably-lame consumer product (like a new crayon color or something.)

now i'm doing journalism and web design, but ohhhh man is the job search a slow one.

Dennise said...

Are we like sisters from another mother because that is exactly why I'm studying non-profit pr. Although non-profit does also encompass politics and as you and I both know, it is really hard to stand behind any of those guys.

Good luck in your job search. Damn recession.

allison said...

i think we ARE. i love the idea of promoting a good cause, but ugh to anything corporate. when they taught us about representing companies like philip morris, i just about gagged!