Monday, July 21, 2008

Hours of fun...

As much as I've complained about summer school and all the work involved, I can't help but be kinda sad that I don't have class tomorrow, I won't see my fellow photo peeps and I won't get to discuss great photographers with my teacher, Jocelyn as I'd been doing these past eight weeks.

Of everything we discussed in my foundations of photography class, my favorite subject was pinhole photography. If you're not familiar with the concept it is basically photographing without a lens. The effect or result of the pinhole camera is similar to what the human eye sees, basically everything upside down. You can leave the shutter open as long as you please which results in some beautiful and ethereal images. The best part about pinhole cameras is that you can make them yourself. You can use anything to make a camera as long as you can punch a tiny hole through it and it doesn't leak light easily.

One of my favorite photographers who experimented with pinhole photography extensively is Diane Dobson Barton. She wrote a book for beginners which I'm dying to get my hands on. If you'd like to learn more about pinhole photography and how to make a camera, visit this wonderful site.

P.S. Apparently there is a worldwide pinhole photography day. Um, I'm psyched!

(Photos via here and via Heather Garland and via So gesehen from flickr)

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