Monday, July 14, 2008

Really and truly...

I am completely ga-ga over my school and all the wonderful resources at my disposal. Thanks to my friend Joy and her encouragement, I am an aspiring photographer and am obsessed with my current and future photography classes. Part of me wanted to start this blog to showcase what I've learned and share my photos (not necessarily with other people-seeing as I don't really have a huge audience; but, for my own sake to see if there needs to be improvement and what not).
The problem with me wanting to put up my photos on this blog (or anywhere on the internet for that matter) is that I'm currently shooting with a film camera and find it hard to scan my pictures correctly onto my computer. I adore film cameras, digital is great and cost-effective but in my opinion, there is no greater feeling than to pick a subject, set up the aperture and shutter speed of your choosing without knowing the result, develop the film and then printing out a picture that is all your own.

I set up a flickr account but have failed to post many pictures on there due to my aforementioned dilemma. Regardless, here is the link if anyone is interested in the few pictures I've uploaded. I'm working on a killer project now that I'm excited about and will be presenting on Thursday. Wish me luck!


allison said...

hey, good luck! i'm just getting into photography too, and i envy you for going with film. i love the speediness of my digital camera, but it doesn't feel quite as authentic, what with all the sensors and bells and whistles to make sure that my picture is properly exposed and whatnot.

Dennise said...

Thanks for the good wishes. Film is my true love but I am coveting the new digital canon rebel! :)