Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Why oh why...

After doing a few things at school to help with orientation and promoting the organization I'm involved in, I decided to take a stroll down State Street. Uh oh. State Street=trouble...for my wallet. I had exactly $60.00 cash on me. I had taken out this amount from the ATM to pay for my electric bill. Enter H&M. No big deal, I'll just walk in and look around and admire all the pretty clothes. Oh look! Cute summer dresses and basic tees, I need some of these. Wait, no harm done yet; I'm just going to try these on so when I come back I'll know what sizes I need. Wow, I really like this black eyelet dress, it is pretty flattering. Oh, these white and gray tees fit like a glove. Take out phone to use calculator. Well, what do you know? If I buy these three pieces, my total will be....$60.00. I have absolutely no will power.

So, if anyone reads this and wonders, hmm I wonder why she hasn't posted in a while. It is because in the middle of the night, I will get up to take a leak, reach for the lamp in vain, trip over a basket of clean laundry, roll into the closet door causing one of my frames to hit me on the head. I will reach for my cell phone but everything will look fuzzy and instead of calling an ambulance, I'll call my local dry cleaning place and foolishly leave a message thinking, hmm I hope the doctors check this message soon. Then I'll pass out and perhaps the bf will find me. However, be comforted by the thought that I may be sans electricity but I sure do rock that black eyelet dress. All in the name of fashion.

(Photo via from flickr)

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